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March  2004 - Columbus AFB.  Presentation of military medals Ms. Orr procured posthumously for Tuske

March  2004 - Columbus Air Force Base.  Presentation of military medals Ms. Orr procured posthumously for Tuskegee Airman,  Lt. Quitman Walker,  killed in combat November 1944.  Nephew, Donald Walker, accepts.  [Photo private collection.]

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April 2006 - National Museum of the United States Air Force.  Winners of 1949 Conventional Class Worldwide Aerial Gunnery Meet,  pose with their "Top Gun" trophy.  Ms. Orr located trophy 'missing' for fifty-five years and fought for its repose.  [Photo private collection.]

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August 2014 - Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. National Convention. Seated, Raymond Cassagnol, first  Haitian to earn his  military pilot wings at Tuskegee. Ms. Orr edited panels in background  created by Kennesaw State University students.

[Photo Private collection. ]                                    

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November 2011 - CNN. News anchor Fredricka Whitfield interviews Ms. Orr (displaying her revised edition, "First Top Guns," book)  and Tuskegee Airmen, [l to r] pilot,  Leonard Hall, and crew chief, Val Archer. [Photo Courtesy CNN.]

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October 2017 -  Atlanta Warbird Weekend hosted by  Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing. Five Tuskegee Airmen pose with others on  street named in their honor. The 'naming' was spearheaded by Ms. Orr.  [Photo Courtesy of Robyn K. Mizelle, City of College Park, GA.]

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February 2018 - Cox Enterprises. Black History Month Program  paid tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen and other military veterans.  Ms. Orr was a consultant and presenter.  {Photo courtesy of Stan Coleman.]